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tv   Journal  PBS  July 5, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> hello, welcome to "the journal." >> we have your business update, thank you for joining us. >> and the government and the netherlands are responsible for the death of three men. germany's highest court considers whether the bailout package is legal. and in the women's world cup, england makes it through. ththe cot in the netherlands has ruled that the dutch state is responsible for the d death of
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three muslim men during the 1995 massacre.. it opens the way for compensation too the victim's families. they were in charge of protecting thousands in the area at that time, but they were quickly overwhelmed. >> bosnians boast -- or both lost relatives. welcome to the decision, but it is only one stamp on the pathway tothe justice they ultimately seek. >> i am after the killers of my family that lived in bosnia. one of them even works in the same building that i work. >> they were working for the dutch in charge of the united nations safe area. when the bosnian forces overran the enclave, the forces failed to protect them.
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they were among the 8000 men and boys killed by bosnian serbs at the time. they were putting them at great risk by turning them over to the forces. the plaintiffs have waited 15 years for the verdict. >> i am really glad. we finally won the case, and it feels good. >> court has ordered the dutch government to create compensation for the plaintiffs. those responsible for the massacre remain at large. >> suicide bombers have killed 30 people and left dozens wounded in iraq. the town is north h of baghdad. a car bomb exploded next to a municipal government building. they have seen a surge in
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attacks in the last few weeks. eyewitnesses' say that government forces there have killed least 10 people on the city of -- video appears to show security forces shooting demonstrators. it has been a protest against the regime. the government deployed tanks and is surrounding the city. the german chancellor has met with officials. therere clear differences of opinion. they have called for them to step down, but the libyan op need to decide their future for themselves. the criticized nato's military campaign. germany's highest court has
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heard opening arguments in the case that can bring further turmoil to the eurozone. skeptics maintain that the transfer of tax moneyrom berlin to greece, ireland, and portugal violates theost fundamental principles of the constitution and parliamentary rule. >> at is the decision facing the country's highest court. i hope thahat judges will declae the rescue package is unconstitutional. >> payments to greece and other countries are not stopped, it is the monetary union that turns into a transfer union and geany will lose its democratic basis. ststate power will go to the monetary union. that must be prevented. >> of the court is being asked to address the bailout for economies.
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>> if they can no longer decide where the money comes in from taxes, they can no longer exercise the most important right, monetary control. they are elected by citizens to take control of revenues. >> the german government finds itself to be publicly defending the common currency. >> the basic question is, who was parliament adequately involved? they believe the rules are consistent with the constitution. >> the ruling isn't expected for months. >> we ask our political correspondent of the
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plaintiff's are tapping into general public dissatisfaction. >> the public at large may not be following the arguments that are being put in the constitutional court. it shines with growing anxiety about the wisdom of bailing out greece, more thean 2/3 of germans believe this international measure will actually work. there is also a public perception that the taxpayer h been helped to -- a asked to hep out the banks. it is where the governmement ner ceases to make its case. that is the euro that is really responsible for germany's economic excess. it is what grantees stability and that is why it is important to keep it stable.
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>> of denmark has tightened its border control causing anger here in germany and raising questions of the border free travel. 30 of them crossed the main highway linking denmark and germany. they say the move is to fight international cririme, t the prime minister is caving in. they are facing a new legal battle, the procutors might brought charges with a new york ca. they filed a complaint they deny the allegations and to say that
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he will sue her for slander spearheaded that case appears to be following -- the falling apart due to the credibility of the accuser. there is a big trade dispute going on right now. the european union and mexico which took objection to the abuse of quotas, china must either appeal the ruling or comply by removing the restririctio. failure to do so will enable the u.s. to respond with trade sanctions. they are used in the electrical appliances and predominantly in ththe stl industry. the banking system could also be
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headed for some big trouble. they have failed to keeeep track of economic stimulus funds. the total value could be well over 300 billion euros. the scale of such loans could pose a threat to china of's entire banking system and the risk exposure could change the credit outlook. the trade manufacturer has plans to cut more than 1400 jobs. a move that will eliminate half of the entire work force. the decision comes after they failed to win a major contract to build more than 1000 train carriages in britain. >> of the contract is part of the plan to upgrade the rail lines.
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the consortium won the final better. the contract calls for the construction ofá 1200 train carriages. ththe deal is worth a total of about 4 billion euros. the first carriages are delivered in 2015. the transport minister says it represents the best value for tax payers. the product rule create 2000 new jobs in the u.k. operations and three of the supply chain. >> have posted rerd half your sales. selling more than 660,000 vehicles a between january and june. an increase of almost 10%. sales were fueled by china, india, and russia. sales actlly dropped in germany, but they expect strong
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growth in the second half of the year had it is on drive to achieve a sales record of 1.3 million vehicles this year. the stock market shrugged off the weaker than domestic sales data. our correspondent who says the summary of trading from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> they spilled water into the wine, but overall, investors have been content with the numbers. the have been a few gainers here today. the reported numbers, general motors, have more cars expected before. that wasot able to raise the move in general. after wall street started in negative territory, the also
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tracked down the markets here in frankfurt. there were various love games that we have seen on monday. >> we can stay for a closer look at the market numbers. the much-changed. they and the day in negative territory at 2850. markets there back in action after a long holiday weekend. ) much flack, market's closing about of the to go. and the value of one u.s. dollar, 4418. the former french finance minister has formally taken over as the new head of the international monetary fund. they will fight sexual assault charges in the u.s.. she is the first woman to head
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the imf since it was created 70 years ago. the imf is king a leading role in the year as of the crisis. and in the bailout of greece. she is expected to make her fit public appearance on wewednesy. >> we have a world cup action for your right now. germany is facing off against france. both teams are through to the final, but there is the top spot to play for and the score with about 15 minutes of play, the winner of that match will face japan in the next round. they came second after losing earlr today. here's a look at the action so far. >> england took the lead after
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15 minutes when she spotted them and punish them. japan started a slight favorite, but she kept her cool. japan go through to the quarter final stage. mexico also have a chance of progress in here a just after to an attack. to-0 aft half an hour theory aha a health of making the quarter finals of of credit when new zealand had back twice in the dying minutes. and then in the fourth minute, they secured the first ever a world cup points in the been the campaign on a high note. >> as the world cup unfolds, the academy is hosting a young
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journalists from around the world to. they're learning how to report on sports. but take a look at how they are getting on. >> the are preparing a report of the lemon's world cup. of have been tten by the soccer above. >> of that very much, covering the team's is fun. >> they are on a tight schedule. after some last-minute research, they had arrived. when theybut the wind and rain't deter them. they get to work setting up their equipment and interviewing fans.
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she is one of the a disk. >> i learned of a lot of fan. i feel like i am learning more about the procedure of the reports because i used to work in the news department and this is something new for me. >> of the next exercise is to deliver a piece. >> of the broadcaster once the round of of the week. >> has been a week of soccer here in germany. >> a couple of takes later, the sequences in the can. but in time for a kickoff. >> and death is coming up next and will take a closer look at south sedan as it gets ready to
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become an independent nation.
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>> welcome back. in south sudan is to become a full-fledged sovereign nation after the rebel movement signed a a poli agreement -- a peace agreement. the islamic north will maintain the capital while the primarily christian south has chosen another one. it was created in a popular referendum in january. thousands of those displaced can return to their former homeland have defined life very difficult with a few resources and very little infrastructure in place. >> the java and keeper company, but only her youngest son came with her. he since died. headult children are there.
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>> the neighbors saw that i did not have anyone and was for. they helped me in delivering the food because i am alone here. >> she has been making grovel for months now. to many people here are trying to earn money the same way. the village is on the outskirts of the capital. the residents fled during the civil war. now that it is becoming independent, they are returning. and there is no infrastructure. uniteted nations regee agency is helping with the bare essentials, providing materials to housing and building a school. the government can't cope with the sudden influx of people.
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many come here to start with. it is not intended as long- term solution. the goal is for people to o retu to their villages. many arrive with great hopes of finally beginning a new life back home. but they faced tough conditions. >> i need food for my children, but is expensive here and there is no work. we need a proper place to bring up our children. i came back because it is my home. i have to live there for 22 year but it wasn't my home. my home is here. >> how many arstranded here without family or anyone that can take the men.
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330,000 people have returned since the referendum in january. another 400,000 are expected by the end of the year. the population increase of overwhelming for countries with hardly any roads, schools, or hospitals. >> life in northern sudan was good until the government said he voted for independence and you must go. i work in a a texle factory. my sons are still waiting for the last packet and they will join me. >> this is not an isolated case. many are looking to get rid of the soututhernhristian. it is od to be back in the country. it is the former piece of land.
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people are arriving from the north looked to their baggage. the returning refugees are going to have a lot of patients. >> a number of disputes and conflicts remain unresolved. among them, border issues and the distribution of all oil revenues. tensions have repeatedly flared up. >> in the city, people are looking to leave the past behind them. for more than 20 years, saddam was wracked by civil war.
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2 million people died in the fighting between the muslim north and predominantly christian south. the divisions grew out of unresolved tensions after sudan gained independence from britain. in 2005, there was a peace deal that formally ended the war. under international mediationon, the south would hold a referendum on its future. the result was 99% that voted for independence. there are ongoing territorial disputes. the border states are to remain in the north. but there is still local opposition. there is also the disputed region of the oil reserves. south sudanan hasost of the oil fields, but nearly all the reports, refineries, and pipelines are in the north.
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there have often been outbreaks of fighting. there were renewed clashes. the conflict is a major challenge for the new states. >> we spoke earlier from someone from the german institute for international and security affairs. we began by asking him if the government structures are nctial. >> the state of the administration is similar to infrastructure and that there is virtually no precedent for an administrative presence let alone control outside of the main city. this is only being established since 2005. the process is a long-term one and given that the administration pretty much has to be built from scratch, and the arpeople who qualified to work in the adadminiration.
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in addition to that, it is also worth noting that tribal and ethnic loyalties play quite an important role. it leads to problems, such as corruption and waste. >> they are rich in natural resources and it is a chance for positive economic development? >> this is a big chance, particularly the oil revenues are vy important resources for the state to build the administration who drive infrastructure development. at the same time, it depends on how the resources are being used. the record has been quite mixed. it is worth noting that the majority of the population, it is much more important than the oil sector to develop agriculture.
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most of the population depends on a. >> how about an open democratic countries? >> i am skeptical not just because of widespread irregularities, but characterized last year's collections. -- elections. parliament has been more a place where former officers -- it exercises a real attack on the executive. >> we thank you very much. and that has been in depth. as south sudan begins to be an
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independent nation. stay tuned.
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ow! of course. thank you. i'd call her honeydew goodbody, not lisa. the very fact that she is called lisa proves that she exists.
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